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Be our guest. Would you like to change into a new outfit? For a garden- or hunting party, for a date at the polo tournament, or a charming country fair you have recently happened upon? Or for a longer journey, with added inspiration provided by a piece from our latest collection? Fine formalwear, reinterpreted through timeless design. Unfailingly beautiful, carefully selected yarns, fabrics and prints create favorite pieces that will endure forever. Tailored to perfection with every skill at the considerable disposal of true craftsmen and -women. Rooted in Austria`s imperial tradition, yet accommodating the lifestyle of today. Since 1992, found on virtually every continent and it wardrobes everywhere that epitomize good taste.

S.H. Graf Franz von Meran

Voyage, voyage!

May we provide you with the appropriate companion clothing? In the compartment of a high-speed train, in the back seat of a spacious limousine on the way to a business lunch, heading out for afternoon tea in the star-crowned foyer of the "Grand Hotel"? Since you are visiting us here, doubtlessly you are traveling with just a few, though all the more select pieces. So as to cut as fine a figure striding along the avenue as you do at a vernissage followed by dinner. Voilà!


Off to the hunt? Which begins, of course, by tracking down the appropriate clothing. Please accept our invitation to cast your eye around. Since you searched us out explicitly, it is fair for us to assume that you are one of those aficionados of the hunt who rarely choose to cloak themselves behind camouflage. For our part, we perefer to keep to the plays of color afforded us by moss, oakleaf, fern and pine bark. Also allowing you to make an even more striking appearance come evening, in front of a fire blazing in the hearth.

„Just as a peacock proudly displays its feathers for all to see,
we celebrate having the privilege of wrapping you in absolute elegance."

The quest of those things which epitomize an era is bountifully rewarded at the House of Habsburg.

Our classic, with a cult status.
Anyone who has ever spent a winter`s night huddled in hide awaiting a passing herd of wild boar, their elegant trousers partially illuminated in the moonlight, hamster fur snuggly cosseting their skin, also aprreciates those trousers in hunting-horn tones. Breeches of Archduke John loden. Exclusivity, tradition, lifestyle. Craftmanship, luxury design and functionality, all in one.


Stitch by stitch a masterpiece. Inspired by a love for craftmanship, we imbue all pieces in our collection with the qulities of traditional tailoring. Some are inspired, down to the smallest stitch, by noble archetypes. Others, for their part, a looser interpretation of contemporary zeitgeist. Though always "old school" when it comes to painstaking attention to detail. Modern wearability meets the uncompromising expectation of quality. The common thread which has run through "Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg" since the every beginning.

In order to enter the company
of fine society, one must sport
a dress coat,a uniform or
hunting attire.

On 24. September 1992, luxury brand Habsburg was launched in Blühnbach castle, the former hunting lodge of heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. Guests included: His Imperial Highness Karl von Habsburg and his future wife Francesca.


Foundation of the associated Habsburg museum with valuable articles of clothing and originals from the imperial family's collection.


On 22. August 1998, the Habsburg team is awarded the design prize for country-style fashion by Country Messe München.


The foundation stone for today's "Schneider Holding" company was actually laid in Salzburg back in 1946. Since that time, this Austrian business has succesfully created traditional fashions that are both contemporary and exclusive. All stages of manufacture are completed in Austria and neighboring countries - guaranteeing high quality standards. Of total production, almost 85% is exported worldwide. The corporate group currently employs 170 people. The luxury brand "Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg" is a member of the holding company and based in Salzburg.


I. H. Gräfin
Andrea Herberstein
Contessa Maria José
Visconti di Modrone

The first Habsburg shop is opened in Kitzbühel in a prominent location, in cooperation with a long-standing Habsburg client, the Eder family.


Opening of the second Habsburg shops in the old town of Bad Tölz. Fashioned in the elegant Habsburg shop design.


Habsburg enters into an extensive design partnership with "Istituto Marangoni", Italy's leading fashion and design school.


International awards for a cosmopolitan Salzburg-based label. Habsburg's advertising, from corporate design to carefully conceived catalogues and ads in major fashion magazines, has received international recognition on multiple occasions. Though recognition by a jury of the public, in the form of your customers, is what we aspire to the most, of course.


What could ennoble a brand more than its own family. Alfons Schneider always had a true passion for the culture of the "House of Habsburg." For his wife Michaela, that also extended to hunting. They gradually assembled more and more artefacts frome the times of Franz Josef. Here a frockcoat, here a dress from the travel wardrobe of Empress Sisi, and there a photograph of an archduke in a hunting jacket. The faric of which a dream was made, ulitmately launched by the family in 1992 under te "Habsburg" brand. As a "christening gift", so to speak, daughters Katharina, Veronika and Anna gave the label the esprit of the modern lifestyle.

Comte Frederic de Gennes
Baronese Katherine de
Saulses de Freycinet

A new Habsburg showroom opens its doors in Düsseldorf. Katharina Schneider gets on board the family business and takes over management of the Habsurg brand.


Habsburg will be turning 20 and approaching this important anniversary with a number of new features. In the event location, the Salzburg Gusswerk, a new showroom will be opening. For the "Pitti Uomo" in Florence a design cooperation, with Italian top-designer Andrea Incontri, is embarked. Habsburg will be present for the first time at the largest European hunting and outdoor trade fair, the "IWA" in Nuremberg. The expansion of the Habsburg design team with a renowned designer is aimed.


Yet again, we celebrate an anniversary. With our new online presentation. With our experts and the goal to anchor the Habsburg label firmly in the future. More than ever, at the forefront of current trends.




Having an interest in the history of the Habsburg is one thing. Owning originals from that period, with some truly magnificient consequences. Holding the acutal pocket watch of Emperor Franz Josef in your hand feels like you are turning back time itself. And so it was, driven y a passion for collecting, one thing led to another. And to this day, this private collection has remained a constant source of inspiration.

Alles beginnt mit dem Stoff. In geradezu imperialistischer Manier werden nur die ausgesucht hochwertigsten Stoffe und Materialien aus aller Welt in unserer Salzburger Manukaktur verarbeitet. Cashmere aus der Mongolei, feinstem Samt aus Fischgrätleinen aus Italien, Lammfell aus Irland, Seide aus Indien und Ziegenvelours aus der Türkei. Das sehr kostbare Handwebleinen kommt aus dem österreichischen Waldviertel.

"A frockcoat is only as beautiful as its smallest button." A saying that clearly, holds true at Habsburger. All things-exquisite begin with the smallest element. In such enormously important details as hand-piped buttonholes, buttons of rare beauty, along with traditional tailoring skills such as rediscovered AMF hand-stitching and crest embroidery. Noblesse oblige.


I.D. Fürstin Marianne zu
S.D. Prinz Dr.
Georg zu Fürstenberg
Katharina von
Baronese Katherine de
Saulses de Freycinet

True to the actual originals, here we present the emperor's new clothes. a collection of exquisite pieces which can be worn in society, when traveling, or for the hunt.